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Pop/rock band Newsboys, have been making inspiring music for over twenty years. Originally from Australia, the band formed back in the 80’s with Peter Furler, George Perdikis, John James, and Sean Taylor. The group originally called themselves “The News” and changed it to Newsboys shortly after arriving to the United States. Just a year after being on American soil, the band signed with Refuge Communications and released their debut album Read All About It in 1988.

For the next two decades the band released a variety of albums including: Not Ashamed, Going Public, Thrive, and hit songs, “Shine,” “Let It Rain,” and “Entertaining Angels.”

Newsboys underwent some major changes in 2009, when frontman Peter Fuller left the band to spend more time with his family. Furler asked dc Talk’s Michael Tait to take his place, since his band dc Talk had been on hiatus since 2001. “The Newboys’ manager called me, when I was at home for Christmas with my family, and he said Peter wants to retire from the band to spend more time with his family, so I said ‘So you want me to fill in?’ and he said ‘Not quite fill in but take over?’” Michael Tait explains to Air1. “So I thought about it, and I prayed and I think I’m finally there after 187 shows, it feels like home.”

In addition to Michael, the band consists of Jeff Frankenstein (keyboards, production), Jody Davis (guitar) and Duncan Phillips (drums, percussion). The band released their first album with Michael as the lead singer in 2010 with Born Again, and followed that project with God’s Not Dead (2011), Restart (2013) and Love Riot (2016).

Newsboys continue to make music that appeals to people of all ages, and are constantly challenging themselves as a band and as individuals. “When I think of Jesus and his compassion for people, how it was that his compassion was not based on any circumstance or preconceived ideas, he just loved people regardless of anything,” Jeff Frankenstein says to Air1. “In my life that’s a challenge every day! Sometimes I’m just not in the zone to love people like I should.”